Thank you my fellow citizens of Nassarawa State for the opportunity and audience to humbly present to you my stewardship manifesto tagged EL DORADO ; a roadmap to socioeconomic prosperity, freedom, and happiness for all citizens of this beautiful  land. Counting on your supports the future is ours.

  • Employment and Economic Empowerment: upon my being given the people’s mandate, I shall pursue vigorously, job creation and socioeconomic empowerments by : creating enabling environments for businesses and industries to thrive by granting free lands and generous tax waivers ; government patronage; massive skills acquisition for youths in fields niche to our needs; development of food processing and agro-allied factories ; and building capacities in the cottage industries up to exports. To this end, we  shall within our first 500days in office create at least 200thousand jobs and 500thousand jobs through joint ventures of public-private partnerships in , agricultures, mining, food processing, cash crop processing , development of manufacturing sectors, and other social investments among others. In all, we hope to create 1million quality jobs across the state including both public and private sectors.


  • Education and Literacy : there shall be immediately declared a State of Emergency on our educational system in order to arrest the disastrous downturns in the sector  resulting  in poor qualities and moribund facilities(or lack of it) culminating to half-baked unemployable graduates.  We  shall invest massively on the future by allocating at least 25% of our budget to education which will include free  feeding for primary school pupils,  increasing school enrollment rate to at least 80%, teachers professional training and capacity development, enhanced incentives  and welfare packages for teachers at all levels of education, adult literacy, equipping of laboratories, construction of additional blocks of classrooms, compulsory free primary and secondary education, establishment of more schools in every Local Government Areas, expansion of tertiary institutions for increased capacities and quality of outputs, among other revolutionary reforms.



  • Security and Safety: We shall adopt proactive approaches and deploy advanced systems and techniques with great focus on socioeconomic advancement,  intelligence gathering,  and information technologies in preventing and tackling criminal activities, communal conflicts, herdsmen-farmers clashes, armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killing, cultism, and domestic violence among other menaces in need of urgent State attentions.  These crime checking measures shall also include improved welfare packages for all security officers in the in the State, institution of distinct neighbourhood security watch groups  in all Local Government Districts, provision of effective logistic systems and structures, and many more innovative strategies to be introduced


  • Agriculture and Food Security : We shall capitalize on the comparative advantage of Nassarawa State in Agricultures by being the largest producer of sorghum, castor oil, groundnut, beef and dairy products, cashew, and  cashew in Nigeria through public-private partnership, compulsory agricultural services by students and higher institution graduates, planting and harvest vacations, establishment of well-funded  farmers’ cooperative banks in all Local Government Area; establishment of Central Agricultural Product Purchase, Pricing, and Evaluation Boards;   establishment of storage and processing facilities in every Local Government Area; establishment of Agricultural Products Development and Research Institute(NAPADRI); establishment of farm settlements; agricultural input subsidy regime; development of roads and rail networks in hinterlands linking farming communities; establishment of livestock farms, states-of-the-arts cattle ranches and dairy production facilities; construction of effective year-round irrigation facilities; development and application of agricultural softwares and information technology to aide farmers’ efficiency; and many more creative solutions to be introduced.


  • Healthcare: We shall invest heavily on healthcare and provide comprehensive health insurance for all registered residents and tax payers. We shall provide free ante-natal care and post-natal care for expectant mothers plus free supply of baby foods for the first 6months for up to the 4th birth per family/person. There shall be introduced special low taxes embedded in the overall income taxes and phone recharges to fund individual health insurance without stress. Our health care system shall be broad based both in terms of quality and quantity. There shall be established at least one Primary Healthcare Center in every Local Government Ward in partnership with the respective Local Government Areas. In the same vain, we shall establish a comprehensive healthcare facility or General Hospital in every Local Government Area with one Referral Hospital and research facility in every senatorial zone all to be manned by qualified well remunerated medical officers and paramedics all across cadres. There shall be immediately established a world class Teaching Hospital for the Nassarawa State University with three annexes to be spread across the various senatorial zones with a total of 500 bed spaces. We shall introduce a Hybrid Medical System synergizing both orthodox and scientifically advanced herbal medicine. We shall establish mobile clinic both on boats and on wheels to reach rural households for periodic medical checks and treatments.


  • Infrastructure Development: Being that infrastructure is the catalyst of economic development and foreign investments, we shall provide social amenities and modern infrastructures befitting for modern societies such as good road, bridges,  and rail  networks  linking economically critical locations and cities.  We light up the streets, provide electricity, as well as provide Wi-Fi hotspots in strategic locations. We shall also ensure that at least twenty roads are renovated every year by each local government using standard repairs not direct labours. We shall ensure good roads, fairly steady electricity, pipe borne water supply, effective transportation system, Industrial estates and every facility that may be needed from time to time in engendering manufacturing.  We shall construct dams at strategic locations to enable irrigation, cultural festivals, fishing, recreation, and tourism.



  • Energy and Power: we shall invest in energy and power by adopting solar, wind, and hydroelectricity in augmenting grid supplies  to the populace as well as ensuring energy efficiency and conservation from generation to distribution.  We shall invest massively in renewable  and conventional  energy resources  from exploration to exploitation. The problems of fuel scarcity shall be tackled head on by through the establishment of state’s energy reserve and production of biodiesel and other biofuels. For rural electrification, we shall deploy wind and solar energy modules as well training women and vulnerable people on modern energy utilization methods as well the conversion of wastes to wealth.


  • Information Technology: we shall make Nassarawa a leading ICT hub and center of excellence in coding and software development by offering scholarships to at least 5000 qualified graduates of different fields annually to obtain expertize and trainings on various softwares development, programing, and applications in computer and hi-tech digital technologies at the Silicon Valley, USA in pursuit of our Diamond Valley vision at nucleating industrial complexes and incubating future global giants in technological entrepreneurship like Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay and the likes.



  • Economy :  first we shall constitute an economic advisory council made up of the finest brains both from within and outside Nassarawa with enviable track records of successfully revolutionizing challenging economies like ours.  we shall within 2years increase our Internally Generated Revenue(IGR) more than 1000%  to ₦200billion per annum and be financially self-reliant by attracting economic activities and the creation of more estates and industries serving the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) among other initiatives. We shall grow Nassarawa to the top-5 economies of Nigeria within our first 1000days in office with a target of $6,000 per capita income. Also, we shall crash youth unemployment rates from its current horrible level of 65% to 12.5% within our first 12months in office and further down to 2.5% in 24months through various programs to be unfolded involving both public and private sectors.  We shall grow our Gross Domestic Product(GDP) from  today’s abysmal values of about $5billion to $50billion and buoy the growth of Medium Small and Micro Enterprises by working in consortium with microfinance banks to crash interest rates from the present 25%+ to single digit rates with total including modulation plus real time rates not exceeding 10%.  In order to catalyze economic activities in the State, salaries shall be paid on or before 25th of every month and mobilization and retainership fees owed contractors shall be paid as at when due without delay.


  • Social Welfare : we shall introduce the best tax payer social welfare package ever experienced in Nigeria by providing comprehensive medical care as part of the funds from income taxes as well as 6months tax benefits of 25% taxable income aside indigeneship rights and other benefits. There shall be free Medicare for senior citizens above 60years of age, younger citizens below college age, and expectant mothers. There shall be established convalescent homes, Juvenile Correction Facilities, and various rehabilitation centers in each senatorial district at every Local Government Areas as the case may be. In furtherance of the welfare of our citizens outside the state, the Nassarawa State Liaison Offices in every state shall keep comprehensive records and recognitions of her citizens outside, in other States of the Federation and oversees. There shall be a biometric database of residents and indigenes of the Nassarawa State to be update yearly.




  • Sports and Recreation: We shall engage the energy of our youths and bring glory to Nassarawa State by building a 40,000-Capacity Stadium at the Capital city and four other mini stadia of 15,000-Capacity each at other strategic zones evenly spread. We shall engage our sports ministries in creating Football Academies and various sports facilities as well as attracting sports legends in mentoring aspiring champions.


  • Mining and Mineral Development : Nassarawa State is blessed with the most prodigious amount of solid mineral resources such as limonite(iron ore), coal , gypsum, granite, sapphire, aquamarine, quartz, amethyst, tantalite, barite, limestone and columbite,  cassiterite, sapphire, and more. As such, we shall go into joint ventures and public private partnerships at investing in the exploration and exploitation of these mineral resources to create jobs and generate more revenues for the state. We shall be giving tax holidays and other inducements at encouraging investors for solid mineral development.



  • Water Resource: We shall address the problems of water shortage by building dams, sinking boreholes, and installing pipe born water facilities to cover the needs of our residents and expanding for future population growth projections. This will include water treatment projects, irrigation, and waste water recycling systems as well as flood control and the development of water basins in conjunction with ministry of environment.


  • Arts and Cultural Development : Nassarawa being a multi-ethnic State, is blessed with rich cultural heritages. As  such, we shall ensure the conservation of our rich cultures and languages by organizing annual festival of art and cultures representing all the ethnic groups in the State and bi-annual inter-tribal dance competitions, boat regattas, dramas, among others. We shall institute a cultural museum, antics, and  information center for showcasing the culture or our people and building our brands nationally and internationally.  Aside that, we shall also establish art mega galleries and cultural centers for events and promotions. Our cultural troupes shall be encouraged to do more and the movie and music industry shall be given financial inducements with enabling government regulations  to grow the entertainment industry of the state nationally and internationally using such term or code name as NassaWood.  We shall leverage on our entertainment industry to grow our GDP from a paltry $5billion to $50billion within our first 1000days in office.



  • Tourism and International Relations: we shall work with major local and international tourism development agencies, hoteliers, and building or rehabilitating  tourist attractions and relaxation centers to promote and launder the rich arts and cultural heritage of Nassarawa. As well, we shall build an Airport at Keffi area and work in conjunction with airlines for regular flights destination linking the Federal Capital Territory and neighbouring States to Nassarawa Airport.


  • Justice : we shall build and strengthen the  Nassarawa State judicial system to be independent, unbiased, and efficient in the prompt dispatch of justice and the defense of Human Rights in the overall protection of public interest. The pay for judges shall be reviewed upwards with fringe benefits and adequate security among other welfare packages. Only graduate Police officers with legal backgrounds shall be allowed to prosecute suspects in court among other reforms to be unfolded. To this, we shall upgrade the local magistrate courts both in facelift and jurisdictions. Also, the customary courts shall only be chaired by judges with formal tertiary educations of deep cultural knowledge who shall me well remunerated.



  • Industrial Development and Manufacturing: we shall be the industrial hub of North-Central Nigeria by providing 3 to 5years tax holidays plus lands for new industries and companies as well as providing the necessary infrastructures for industries to thrive. We shall support the growth of the cottage industries through low-interest loans, tax incentives or waivers , and State patronage among others. There shall be established industrial estates linking each others with excellent road and rail networks to transfer points , ports, and jetties which are to be strategically located for quick, efficient, and cost effective logistics and transportation. We shall attract industries to set up annexes and main factories in Nassarawa such as automobiles, engineering, construction, food production, manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles, and service companies among others.


  • Environment and Natural Conservation: we fight adverse climate change by planting millions of threes through our Green Life mobilization programs requiring compulsory afforestation, planting of threes , flowers, and gardens among  others and the increased penetration of 50% renewable energy mix across individual homes, private organizations, and government establishments. Our environmental protection laws shall also regulate air, water, and soil pollutions through Green Captains as enforcers.  To this end, we shall work in partnership with private engineering companies to develop our Landfill Gas and Integrated Waste Recycling System thereby converting wastes from pollution to prosperity.  Also, we shall carry out hydrological survey of the entire Nassarawa Basin and develop a comprehensive drainage system for the state in order to mitigate the challenge of flooding.


  • Rural Advancement: knowing that majority of our population live in the rural areas, we shall take developments to their doorsteps and stem the tides of rural-urban migration by providing accessible comprehensive healthcare services, renewable energy  and power solutions, storage and processing facilities for farm produce, transport facilities, water, and social amenities that are dignifying.



  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management: we shall establish an effective, well-funded, and excellently structured Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Agency (NEMDPA) that will be working with air, water, and land ambulances as well as heavy equipment to timely attend to accident and natural disaster scenes to be headed by a retired senior military officer . This shall also include emergency medical attentions, firefighting, provision of relief materials, and other exigencies.
  • Communal Conflicts : we shall resolve communal conflicts by putting in place proactive structures and measures such as government sponsorship of inter-tribal marriages especially between warring ethnic groups or communities, suspension or sacking of traditional rulers of warring communities, suspension or sacking of government appointees from warring communities, developmental rewards for the most peaceful communities, effective security intelligence system, hybrid security forces, and many more.

I, Honourable Tanimu Salihu do promise  to with all of me Inshah Allah deliver all the promises of this manifesto to the best of my ability with your support and privilege given to me to serve with humility and patriotism. So help me God.

Long Live Nassarawa State

Long Line APC

Long Live Nigeria

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